Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is going, going....

It's the last day of September! How can this even be possible?
The temperature was in the upper 30s when we got up this morning. Brrr. That should bring out the fall colors. Hopefully we'll still have plenty of mild days to go out and enjoy.

In honor of the last day of September, I thought I'd post some pictures we took this month. I think I have just enough time to squeeze them in before the month is gone.

We attended a parade on the 12th. Bryan's school band marched in it. Somehow I took no photos of his band. How'd that happen? I did get photos of cute animals and kids though. ☻
The fam! Alan, Aaron, Lauryn, and Jadyn. Looks like J. had candy in her mouth. We managed to bring home lots of candy and other treasures.

Here is Jadyn, ready for her first day of 4 & 5's preschool.

Our girl is going places! This is a random photo I took in the car, just because she looked cute. We were headed to Target, where else?

Last Friday, we went to the apple orchard with friends. It was a rainy day, so we didn't get to go into the orchard to pick apples. We did check out all of the pumpkins, chickens, goats, a maze, and the hay bales.
We also enjoyed the fun gift shop, lunch, and a caramel apple. We "picked" our apples in the apple shop. We were happy to come home with apples, since that was why we made the trip. ☻The photos look more like we took a trip to a pumpkin place, but that's okay. Who doesn't love to see tons of pretty pumpkins?
Jadyn and Joie

Hay there!

Jadyn with Sarah and chickens.


Anonymous said...

i love the pictures!!! especially the first day of school ones! what a huge smile! and the orchard looked fun! i miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!


Gail said...

Beautiful pics...I know it's hard to believe Sept. is almost gone, seems like school just started. Looks like fun at the apple orchard, miss Jadyn is a cutie!

sunshine said...

Love your pictures! Especially at the farm. So cute!!
Yep, September is gone. It's very cool here too. I'm loving it! Wheee!!!


Jboo said...

Fun photos -- September did go by too fast! You all are troopers to visit the apple orchard/pumpkin patch in the rain! :)


hollym. said...

Hey, Laura!
I was just thinking the same thing in regards to September flying by!
We are Homeschooling Anna and I just can't believe fast the days are passing! So much to do, so little time!:)
Mean while, it sure looks like your sweet girl is having fun at Preschool and all of the fall happenings. Have a great time as you march into October..
Take care,

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Good times, great photos!

Kristy said...

No fair Laura it was 95 degrees here today!!!

I love every single picture!!!

Love, Kristy