Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Rambling

So summer is gone...all gone. I'm okay with that I suppose. There's no point in whining about what I can't change. Yes, I will embrace the coming of Fall. Do Not expect to hear the same about Winter. :)

I took a walk yesterday, while Jadyn was at preschool. It was so enjoyable to see the colors that are beginning to change and feel the leaves crunching under my feet.

Yes, Jadyn went back to school last week, and so far she's been doing great. Not one tear has been shed, and she has not fussed about going or said that she "just wants to be with me". This..Is..Awesome. I hope this trend continues.

Viruses have arrived at our home. I think it's Bryan's fault. When school began, he said he was not looking forward to the 5 or 6 colds that he would probably get. He came down with a cold a few days ago...it was only the 8th day of school. I'm sure he must have tempted fate.
I've had a short stomach virus, which began last night. Can I blame it on him?

Jadyn's school has large bottles of hand sanitizer sitting around every corner. I like this! We use it coming and going. I'd like to just have us go out in protective suits, from head to toe, masks included. Wouldn't that be nice?


a Tonggu Momma said...

Maybe you should have stopped by our house... swine flu, anyone? LOL. I DO hope y'all feel better soon and that Jadyn continues to love school so much. We are, unfortunately, dealing a bit with the "I like school, but I just want to be with YOU, Momma."

sunshine said...

I'm glad that Jadyn is doing so well. It makes things much, much easier doesn't it?
I'll keep my fingers crossed that she keeps it up for you!
Mass started Junior Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and he has been doing well too! I haven't been on my own in .. years and I am loving it! I almost, almost feel guilty about how much I love it!

Hope that you all are feeling better soon. I hate being sick!!


Jboo said...

Oh yes - I feel exactly the same as you. Love fall -- hate what follows - winter! :( Maddy's school has giant hand sanitizer bottles all over too. Hope you all stay healthy!


hollym. said...

I love Fall, but Winter? UGH!!

Happy to hear little Miss is enjoying school! And you the crunchy leaves!:)

Kristy said...

Laura I hope you and everyone else is feeling better by now!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Hope you feel better! It is no fun to be a sick momma taking care of sick kiddos. Enjoy the fall weather =). Don't you wish you could just bottle up the nice weather and open it on the rainy and snowy days!?

Anonymous said...

lol they're installing automatic hand sanitizer dispensers EVERYWHERE around my school!!! it's kind of fun, but i'm pretty sure i'm the only one that uses them. i love you mom. and i LOVE when you update your blog!

Anonymous said...

(the above comment was from kaitlyn)

Jean said...

Have Brian take vitamin C and D this school year- it is really supposed to help!

It is crazy with all the virus and crude out there- it is no longer of but when will we be sick...

Hope you are feeling better! So glad Jadyn is enjoying school!!

Jean said...

Love the new look of the blog!!