Sunday, September 27, 2009

Images of Summer II

It's time for a little more catching up. Here are more photos from things we experienced in late summer.

Here's a photo from September 10th. Lookin' quite stylish. :) She's finally outgrown the little red shoes and it's time to find a new home for them.
Jadyn and I went to the State Fair during the 1st week of September. We had fun and spent most of our time looking at animals. We went to some areas we had not seen before and it was fun to take our time and check it all out.
Here are some photos from that day...
Getting a new tat!
Got wool? We saw a lot of sheep. The biggest guys were downright loud and kind of scary.
A new baby calf, just 4 days old.
I think this llama looks like he's grinning. We loved the llamas!

Sweet little ducky


Anonymous said...

hahaha i love the grinning llama. lol! these pics are so cute! I'm glad you found someone who enjoys the same parts of the state fair that you do! :D


Jboo said...

Great photos! I'll bet she loved seeing all those animals! I know Maddy would love it! Cute llamas!


sunshine said...

Great pictures! I love looking at animals at the fairs too.
Love that little piggy!
Jaydn must have had a blast! She's so cute. :)

Colleen said...

She is just adorable!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the fair