Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bits of This and That

Here's a photo I took of Jadyn a few days ago. I thought it was cute that Cinderella was taking her horse for a ride, instead of the other way around.

Lauryn and Aaron invited us to go bowling on Valentine's Day. All 6 of us went bowling together and that was lots of fun. We went at about lunch time, and that way everyone could spend the evening with their Valentine.
I do have to admit that my legs were sore the next day, from the bowling. I thought that was pretty pathetic. :)

Yummy cookie and chocolatey goodness! Jadyn helped a bit, when I made these cookies. She washed her hands before we started, but then couldn't resist repeatedly licking her fingers and dipping them in some sugar that was on the counter. I told her that she would have to rewash her hands so that she wouldn't spread her germs if she was going to help. She said, "But I have another hand!"

A Trip to the Pet Store!

Jadyn loves to go to the pet store. Usually when she asks to go, we don't have time. Today I surprised her with it. So fun to look at all of the pets, enjoy them, and someone else gets to take care of them. We have all the pets we need here.


OH MY #6 said...

Jadyn is cute. Her hair is so pretty. How did you pick her name?


Kristin said...

Oh man. We're probably going bowling this week while we're off school. Guess I should be prepared to be sore, huh? I know I was last time. I just forgot until I read your post!

Glad everyone had a great Valentine's Day.

And I agree with Lea. Jadyn's hair is beautiful. We're having our girls hair cut tomorrow ---short. Katie (not necessarily mom) wants to grow out their bangs. Ugh.

OH MY #6 said...

No it isn't a self photo but it describes how I am feeling! LOL! My Grandmother used to say she had the grud and now I think I know what it was!! You had too!

Happy Birthday girlfriend.

Love, Lea

Lauryn said...

Cute pics! Thanks for sharing. :)

When I take Sawyer to the vet, I stop and let her look at those birds. She loves it, but probably not in the same way Jadyn does. Haha!

Terry said...

Going to the pet store is like going to the zoo around here...oh the simple things of life...if only it can be that easy (and cheap) to make them happy and satisfied 10 years from now!