Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Getting Better

UPDATED to say: Alan and I have pinkeye. What next?
I can just hear it now......
Hey, honey? Do you remember the time with both got pinkeye?

I'm so thankful that I am feeling better.

I ventured out today to take Jadyn to preschool. Woo hoo! It's the first time she's been in 3 weeks. When we got there, Jadyn's teacher was on the phone trying to reach us and see if we were planning to come today.

I'm so happy that Jadyn went in without crying. We only recently made it over the hump, and she wasn't crying anymore when dropped off. I was a bit nervous that she might cry after the long absence.

Her teachers let her know that she had lots of work to do (things she'd missed) and so they had her busy right away. I'm sure all of that preschool work was really urgent.

I made a necessary trip to Target, and I was thankful to feel like going. Once you've had The Mother of All Viruses, you're happy just to get out to Target.

I visited the Starbucks inside Target and sat for a bit. The guy who made my coffee asked if I had any special plans. I told him I was thankful just to be OUT of the house.

I do have one very red and sore eye. It makes me feel a bit self-conscious. I'm sure I look a bit unbalanced. When I speak to people, I'm half tempted to ask if they're looking at my eye. That way, they're not feeling awkward, wondering if I know my eye is so red and swollen. Yes believe me, I know.

My poor husband now has sore and red eyes too. Yes, our family shares everything. We just love each other that much.


OH MY #6 said...


Your BLOG is fab! Love it.

Funny, thing, I am just back from the pharmacy getting a RX filled for Bill who has pink eye! Stay away from me buddy.

Glad you are on the mend.


Kristin said...

I'm glad you were able to make it to Target without the assistance of young people. ;-)

However, bummer that you now have pinkeye. Will it ever end???

kaitlyn lundberg said...
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Anita said...

WOW you guys....sounds like you need a vacation somewhere warm and germ-free!! :) I'm glad you got out this week though...does help to make one feel better for sure. Kaylin, on the other hand, is running a temp AGAIN...ugh. I'll be glad when we're germ-free too!! LOL!