Monday, February 23, 2009

A Fun Day

We had a fun playdate today. We picked up Jadyn's friend "S." and we went to an indoor playground for play and lunch.

S's parents are in China at the moment, to pick up her baby sister. We had the joy of taking her to play. I'm sure it gave her grandparents a little break too. Her parents will be back this week with her mei mei. Awesome!

We had a great time at the playground. Jadyn was pretty intimidated by all of the tubes and slides. She usually is, so I wasn't terribly surprised. I do always hope she'll suddenly feel brave though. Since S. was our guest and I didn't want her to have to play up there by herself, I crawled through the tubes and went down the slides over and over. Lots of climbing and crawling involved here. I'm sure it was good for my sedentary body. We had lots of fun!

I did play a lot with Jadyn, but mostly on the lower level. Mean mom that I am, I made her go down the slide with me several times. She wasn't terrified, just not thrilled. She didn't cry, so how bad could it have been?

There were a few other moms who were playing with their kids. I wasn't the only mom crawling through the tubes. A funny thing happened - A tiny 2 or 3 year old blonde girl said to me, "You too big." I just laughed. I think if I can actually fit in the tubes and am able to do all that climbing and crawling around, I'm not too big. :)

Here are photos of Jadyn and S.


Kristin said...

What a fun day!! So glad you were able to get the girls together and give the grandparents a break.

Abby would have been unsure as well about going through all the tubes. I remember when Katie was little and freaked out while climbing up one. I had to go in after her-----and I was 6 months pregnant. Yikes!

OH MY #6 said...

Just like Bill and I at Great Wolf Lodge! Looks like a fun time.


Anita said...

Oh you brave momma you!! Kaylin gets a bit apprehensive in some of those things too, but I'm not about to start crawling luck I'd get stuck and be in there yellin' myself! :) Oh and I see that on your blog list I'm listed as a . LOL!! Can you change that out when you get a chance? I think that I accidentally did that one awhile back. Sorry. :)

Nancy said...

Wow, I can't believe how different S looks without bangs! I almost didn't recognize her.

Gail said...

Looks like lots of fun. I'd be going in those tubes too. My old momma body doesn't mind. :)

Anonymous said...