Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photos From the Past Couple of Weeks

Delightful Dandelions!
The one below is my favorite.
It's for you!

Jadyn just loves dandelions. She picks some each time we are outside. Here are photos of her picking a bouquet for Mom, outside of her school. These photos were taken with my phone, so the quality could be a bit better. I was happy to capture these photos though.

On Friday the 9th, we went bowling with our playgroup friends. It was a lot of fun. Jadyn did well, and it was such a contrast to the first time we took her bowling. Now she's pretty confident about it. She can even carry her own 6 or 7 pound ball.

Jadyn enjoys having pretend picnics or "picmics" as she calls them. So we had a picnic in the basement and she said we could invite our friends. I asked her who our friends were and she said, "The cats." Lexi is the only cat who stayed. :)

Jadyn found the first baby geese of spring a couple of weeks ago. We always look forward to them so much in May. I thought it was neat that she was the first to spot them. We now have baby ducks too. Oh so cute and so tiny, and boy can they swim fast.

The top photo of these 2 is the view out my kitchen window. It never grows old and I never take it for granted.


OH MY #6 said...

oh my what a view. Where do you live?


Nancy said...

Laura, you forgot to mention that Jadyn bowled the highest score - she broke 100! - out of six kids bowling, and she was the youngest! Sign her up for the pros!

Denise C said...

Just beautiful...all of it!!! I love the baby geese too! They are so precious! Miss Jadyn is absolutely beautiful among those yellow dandelions!
Have a wonderful Holiday weekend sweet friend!!!