Monday, May 5, 2008

5th of May

Happy Monday! I hope a good weekend was had by all. Our's was good. Friday night, the 3 of us (Alan, Jadyn and I) went out for Chinese and a little shopping. It was cold and very rainy and we almost wondered what in the world we were thinking when we decided to go out.

On Saturday, most of the family spent the day working at Lauryn and Aaron's new place. I heard that they got lots accomplished! Part of me really wished I could have been there helping but hey, someone has to stay home and take care of the kid right? We'd decided it would definitely be better if she wasn't there at their house.

I took Jadyn to a birthday party. She had fun, but I think it was almost a bit much for her, and her attitude was less than wonderful. That sort of thing will get better as she matures and doesn't need her nap on schedule. :)

Bryan had the 2nd of 2 band camps over the weekend. 18 hours of practice! Wow, that's dedication. He was a bit tired and sore by last night. Mom to the rescue, with some Ibuprofen. All of their hard work will pay off when parades start in June. I'm looking forward to that.

We spent some time outside last evening and I'll post some photos later this morning.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We don't actually celebrate it at our house, but it's an opportunity to add a cute graphic, so hey why not?

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OH MY #6 said...

sounds like a lovely weekend. Enjoy your day!