Monday, May 26, 2008

A Bit About Our Weekend

Hello, and Happy Memorial Day! We're planning to spend a quiet day here at home as a family. Thus far our 3-day weekend has been so nice.

Jadyn attended a friend's birthday party on Saturday. Such a cute party, with sweet girls in tutus dancing and it was so much fun. Hey, Jadyn only cried twice this time, so that's progress. Ha ha. These events are so much fun for her, but at 3 years old, she still sometimes gets a bit overwhelmed if things aren't going exactly her way. :) Napping as soon as we got home was a cure for what ailed her.

We had 2 meals with friends over the weekend and so that was fun to visit and catch up with them.

Kaitlyn and I had a little time yesterday for some shopping. We went to 2 "stores that only women would enjoy." There was everything from home decor to jewelry and flowers. It was so wonderful to get out and do this. Seriously, I just don't get a lot of time to go to these types of stores. My shopping is usually "all business" - just get in, get the necessary things such as groceries, clothing or household items and go home. Kaitlyn and I finished our shopping and got into the car with our purchases. I literally sat back in the seat with this, "ahh that was such a wonderful shopping experience" feeling. Girl shopping! It was so nice! It sounds like I don't get out much, doesn't it? I just don't get to do that kind of leisurely shopping, in "girl heaven" stores very much. Jadyn isn't much of a shopper, that's just how it is. We don't do the leisurely shopping excursions, but we have come so far from the "screaming in the stroller days." :)

Here are 4 little stories/things about Jadyn from the past few days:

1. We were watching a bunny out in the backyard, from the kitchen windows yesterday morning. We watched for a while and then he hopped off into the bushes in the far part of the neighbor's yard. Jadyn asked me where the bunny went and I told her he was in the bushes. She said, "Him's playing hide-and-seek?" How funny is that?

2. She was watching a show on TV with Alan last night. They were showing a large snake with brown spots. Jadyn asked Alan, "Is that an An-conda? How crazy is that? Thank you to Diego or her computer games, (probably Diego) for teaching our child about Anacondas.

3. This girl loves chips! She will eat them in any flavor she can get them in. It doesn't seem to matter how spicy or sour they are. I love buffalo wing flavor and vinegar & salt chips. These show up at our house from time to time or I'll get them with my Subway sandwich. She loves chips so much that she will eat these. We have spicy buffalo wing chips right now. She sat there with me the other day at lunch, eating them. Seriously, my lips were burning afterward. This girl loves them. :)

4. She's noticed that her skin is different from ours and has been voicing that this weekend. I'm sure she noticed long ago. We've always told her how beautiful her skin, hair and eyes are. She's now learned how to express her thoughts on this difference to us. "Mom, does my skin match yours?" She asked me this yesterday morning as we were getting ready for church. Again this morning, she spoke about it to us at breakfast time. Alan and I put our arms next to hers and showed her that we all have different skin tones. We assured her that her skin tone is pretty. She then said that her skin was the "beautifulest" one. Oops! Cute, but maybe we've told her too many times how pretty her skin and features are. :) So anyway, I'd wondered when this time would come, when she would start talking about the differences. I hope that we can handle it properly each time.

Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by.

Memorial Day Comments


OH MY #6 said...

U do know how to have fun!


OH MY #6 said...

I will post about my/our story. It will be good for me!

Have a great day my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

LOVE your new blog makeover! The colors are so nice. Nice to see your (almost) whole family there. Where's Alan? Traveling, right? ;-)

So funny about Jadyn loving the spicy stuff. Guess you'll have to stock upon Tabasco sauce. :-)


Denise C said...

Love your new look!!!
I also love vinegar and salt chips!!! Oh yum!!!
This is such a sweet post!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)