Monday, April 7, 2008

We had a good weekend, spending time with family and friends.

Things are going well here at home with the cats. They definitely were not too happy at their first meeting though. We slowly let them spend more time together over the weekend, and now they seem to be doing pretty well. Lexi is still quite vocal with our new kitty at times though as if to say, "I am the boss!" or "Are you still here? Go away!" I hope they will be friends and companions. That was the reason I orginally thought about getting another cat.

I've decided to name our new kitty Sophie. I hoped to get members of the household to help me name her, and no one gave me a definite answer. After hearing some opinions, I decided on Sophie.

Sophie has made herself right at home and I believe she may become spoiled if we're not careful. She really has such a sweet personality and she's so cuddly and loveable. We're all enjoying her and it's almost as if she'd been here for a long time.

Jadyn seems to really like Sophie and I'm happy about that. She needs a special companion.

We learned on Sunday that our friends were inspired by our kitty's adoption, and they've adopted a dog from the same shelter. How about that? I think that's great! Congratulations to them and their new dog.
Today I went upstairs to my bedroom to take a little nap. I found Lexi in the chair and Sophie had tucked herself into my comforter. Yes, she's making herself right at home.

In this photo, Jadyn says the cat is in a nest and she's teaching her how to sleep. I thought that was kind of funny. I doubt if the kitty will have any problem knowing how to sleep. :)

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Lauryn said...

I can just imagine Lexi's thoughts: "What the heck?! I'm not allowed on the couch! I'm not allowed on the bed! Why does SHE get to do all the FUN stuff??"