Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making Pancakes

Helping Mom make the pancakes.

She enjoyed this part even more than eating them, I think.

She's a girl who really knows how to eat pancakes too. :)


OH MY #6 said...

she is very cute!


Anita said...

Oh Laura.....Kaylin and Jadyn would have a BALL and a BIG mess in the kitchen making pancakes together!! That's usually a daddy-daughter breakfast morning as they stir the pancake batter together!! I have to tell you that every time Kaylin sees Jadyn's picture, she asks me if it's her?? I do think they look an awful lot alike at times! Hugs! Anita

Denise C said...

Oh Yummy!!! What a cute little helper you've got Momma!
Sweet Blessings!