Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Conversations with a 3 year old....

J: "Mom are you 28?"

Me: "No"

J: "Are you 29?"

Me: "No, I'm __."

J: "No!! I can't say that!"

I'm thinking, "Well, yes it is a bit hard to say, isn't it?" Who wants to admit age? :)

Brown Eyed Girl

I put her brown eyed girl shirt on her after bath this morning. She asked me what it said. I told her it said, "Everyone loves a brown eyed girl". "Mom...I'm a brown eyed girl?", she asked. "Yes you are sweetie". So of course we know that led to photos...

She loves somersaults and it's one of her current things she does a lot. I thought this photo was kind of funny. I hope you don't think it inappropriate...


lpiccoli said...

Laura, love the shirt. Mia has one but it is too small. ARGH!

Jadyn is so cute!!!! Look at that smile!!!!

Hugs from GA,


taiwanbaby said...

Hey Laura,

how wonderful to hear from you!!!!! J is looking so cute and grown up!! We must be shopping in sync. I scrolled down your blog and kept saying "piper has that shirt, piper has that shirt too. " The weather has been such a blessing. with three under five, being able to go outside without all the cold weather gear has been great.


OH MY #6 said...

I want to buy one of those shirts. Target right?


Terri said...

Adorable pictures. Teagan is working on her somersaults..she mostly lands flat on her back instead of 'rollinig'..she laughs and thinks it's great..but looks like it would hurt to me. :)

Laurie said...


I found you through Missy's blog- we were in Nanchang adopting our daughter in Feb. '06 also. :) I'm glad I found you- your daughter is precious, and I enjoyed reading up on your life. Welcome to the blogging world! :)

Denise C said...

Jadyn is so cute in these pics! I wish I could bend over like that! hee-hee! I am not very flexible anymore!
To answer your question about what type of camera I use....we recently bought a new one and it is an Olympus Evolt 510. I am still learning how to use it....but am really enjoying the pictures it is producing. This is my first attempt at using a SLR camera....so I have lots to learn!

Thanks for your sweet words...I look forward to your comments...they are always so sweet and uplifting and just make my day!!!

Have a blessed Sunday!!!

Alan L. said...

Great post and great pictures! You're doing a great job with your blog. Keep it up--I'll be watching.

Forever, Alan