Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life is rocking right along at our house. Alan's in Chicago at the moment on business. I kind of wish I was along on the trip. We went there last May for a reunion with our travel group. I enjoyed the city so much.

We've had lots more sunshine and we've been outside cleaning out flower beds and removing the unwanted thorny shrubs. You know when you buy a house, you just kind of inherit whatever landscaping exists? Those shrubs were a 'thorn in my side' and our fingers and feet too! :) I'm glad they are gone. Now I won't have to worry about Jadyn falling in one either.

I found green things growing under all of the leaves and debris in the flower beds. Not anything weird mind you. My flowers are on the way back!

We've had a bit of rain too. Is there any better smell? Yesterday I was thinking about how thankful I am just to have warm air outside again and to be able to let the breeze blow through the house. The smell of rain was a wonderful bonus.

Some in our home are experiencing spring allergies and colds. I know we're not the only ones though. To have our wonderful spring blooms and green things, we'll just have to deal with the allergies too. :(

We had 2 playdates last week which were fun. We love opportunities to get out for playtime and mommy time. Too much time indoors can make both children and mommies whiny. :) So we are happy to join friends when we can. Here are photos.

Jadyn And Friends
Sophie spends much of her time like this each day. She's a very, very active cat. Maybe I've just forgotten how active they can be when they are young. She runs around the house, galloping like a small horse. There is nothing that she doesn't check out. She's also fascinated with my aloe vera plants (chews them like crazy) and Lexi. Poor Lexi just wants some solitude and she has zero desire to be the playmate of Sophie. Sophie on the other hand, feels that she should be stalking poor Lexi. If Lexi is lying in the sun or walking past, it must mean she wants to tackled. Oh boy.

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Denise C said...

Oh what fun times at your home!! I too love the smell of fresh spring air and rain too!!! But poor Chelsi and Chuck both have horrendous allergies so I try to keep the doors closed as much as possible until the "yellow pollen" disappears!
Fun fun playdate with sweet friends!1 Love the pictures!!!
Have a blessed evening!