Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Snapshots

I really love this time of year. We celebrate 7 birthdays in our family, in the space of about 1 1/2 weeks time and it's fun to share in all of those as much as we can.

Today's my dad's birthday. We spoke to him for a while today and he said that he heard yesterday that all states in America have snow right now, except Hawaii. How amazing is that?

Since tomorrow is both Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, it will be doubly festive! Our family will celebrate at our favorite Chinese buffet place.

We've had a great week here at our house, and I thought I'd share some snapshots.

We had a beautiful Jack Frost morning today. This is my very favorite thing to see in winter. Love, love this type of morning. I hope you can see a little of how beautiful it was from this photo. This is what we see out our kitchen window.
Bryan had surgery to remove his wisdom teeth on Thursday. He has been doing really well and I've been happy that he's been such an easy patient. :) Oh man, this boy was something else when he began to wake up from the anesthesia. He was absolutely hilarious for about an hour. There was no filter, and he said anything and everything that came to mind. He has no memory of any of it, and for a while, he did not believe me when I told him about everything he said and did.
Preschool Valentine's party
Getting her "vowentines" ready for her school friends. Jadyn was so excited to get valentines ready for friends and family. She's been making some sort of valentine for someone every day. :) I remember last year, when she kept making "bowentines" for months.
We had fresh snow early in the week. Jadyn had a great time playing.
Snow sweet!

Leaning on a bench near our front porch.

Have a very wonderful Valentine's day and Chinese New Year.


Kim said...

What a beautiful view from your window!!

Glad your son is doing well. We too went through that a few years ago. I couldn't get Matt to stop talking and boy did he talk. The Dr. told me it's called truth serum, I could ask him anything I've ever wanted to know and he'll tell me. I decided there are some things a mom should just not know.

Jadyn is adorable as always. Hope she's having a good "vowentines" day!

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentines Day!

Janelle said...

My husband had knee surgery a few years ago. When he came out of the anesthesia, he was a HOOT! The nurse that was in charge of him went and got other nurses to enjoy observing him - he ended up with quite a crowd and he definitely entertained! :-) He didn't remember any of it either and says he never wants to go under again because he doesn't know what he will do or say. It's pretty hilarious when that happens! lol

a Tonggu Momma said...

Gorgeous! I hope y'all had a lovely weekend... with snow, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year all rolled into one!

Kristy said...

Laura we have a ton of bdays too this time of year!! I love all of these photos but I have to say that your Jack Frost morning pics are just incredible!!!

love and blessings, Kristy

Jean said...

The pics are beautiful! I love the frost on the trees! Our girls loved Valentines, too! Jadyn is so cute with all her special Valentines!

Her haircut is so cute, too!