Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brownies 101

We needed to bring treats for preschool this week. I decided to make bite-size brownies. Jadyn asked if she could help.
Many years ago, I used to always make brownies from scratch. On one occasion, I complimented a friend on the brownies she had made. They were delicious and much more chocolatey than my recipe. She said she always used a mix. Ever since then, I've bought brownie mix from the store and never looked back. ;)

Jadyn's EZ Bitesize Brownies

Empty your favorite brownie mix into a bowl.
Add water and any other needed ingredients. This mix only needed water.
Now mix it up! Ask for help if your arm gets tired.
Look at that chocolatey deliciousness!
Fill the pans and add some sprinkles if you like.
Now bake and enjoy!


Kim said...

First you get me with Ginger Cookies and now it's those yummy looking Brownies! I'll have to try making them in muffin cups. I've never done that, very creative!

Jadyn is so cute! Love the step by step directions!

Have a good weekend!

Jean said...

Good job Jadyn and thank you for sharing your recipe!

We have a few helpers here too that suffer from tired arm syndrome! They have to ask their Mommy for help, too!

Karen said...

Jadyn did an excellent job! The brownies looks delicious! I love the idea of putting them in a muffin tin so they are bite size. I'll have to try that next time I make them.

Colleen said...

yummy!!!! I'm sure my son Justin will be right over...he is a lover of brownies : )

I'm happy you like my new look...I'm so festive : P

sunshine said...

Okay I am starving to death and made a big fat mistake coming in here!

I used a mix usually as well. They are really good!
What a fun idea to make them Bite Sized! I will have to remember that!


Michelle said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

Angela said...

Jadyn is just too precious.. I've been making cookies from Devil's Food cake mix..I can't believe how wonderful they are and so easy to make..Like you, I do a lot from scratch. but when that Betty Crocker is on sale for 99 cents and I can get 2 dozen scrumptious cookies out of it,,I'll go for that,,LOL