Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An August Update

We've been enjoying August, spending time with family and friends, doing a little of this and that. We took a little mini-vacation, we've been to a couple of cook-outs, and I've even learned a little about playing golf and pool with Alan. That's definitely different for me.

We recently took a trip to northern Wisconsin. It was the first opportunity we'd had to get away. Our summer has been so busy. Our trip was only 4 days, but it was so nice to be away for a brief vacation.

All 3 of us enjoyed it very much. It was so nice to see the beauty of the areas we visited, and so nice to spend time just enjoying each other. It was quite wonderful, and I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to get away, if only for a few days.

We spent a couple of nights in Hayward, and we enjoyed the lake and shops.
One evening, we drove to a beautiful state park. It was a wonderful hike and we saw such pretty streams and waterfalls. Unfortunately, Jadyn was stung by a bee on our walk. It all happened very quickly, and in a matter of seconds, the bee stung her twice. Poor Jadyn! It stung her on her shoulder and on her ring finger. It was very painful and scary for her. She didn't understand why that bee would want to sting her. I don't blame her. She cried, and it hurt for some time. She finally quieted down when we reached the car and gave her an ice pack.

We spent two nights in Bayfield. We really loved it there. It was absolutely picturesque. We loved the bay and the boats, and strolling around among the neighborhood shops. The highlight of our time there was a cruise of the Apostle Islands. It was very beautiful.

What's an update without photos? I'll see what I can do. The main computer that I use is really, really ill. Alan is among the most computer saavy people that I know, and he's had a hard time getting to the bottom of it's issues. Tonight he's planning to totally reload (restore) it to it's original settings. My photos are on that computer. :( Hopefully it will be better soon.


hollym. said...

Hi Laura,
It's so nice that the three of you could take a mini vacation. Sounds like you enjoyed some beautiful nature and some that wasn't so nice...I'm sorry that sweet Jadyn was stung:( that is just so painful!! We've been trying to go on a weekend camping trip all summer. Now it looks like maybe in the fall!
Hope all is well with your adjustment to one less daughter in the house.
Take care,
hollym.(Bethany Momma)

Kristy said...

Laura it sounds like all of you have had a nice relaxing summer. It has been so hot here, I think we are going on day 60 something that our temp has been 100 or higher!!!! Uggggg!!!! Anyway it is really good to hear all of you are doing good.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Jean said...

Sounds like a wonderful get away! I am jealous! I have been up north for quite awhile- it is so beautiful!

Sorry about the bee sting- ouch, it really hurts- poor Jadyn. That was one mean bee.

We need some pics!! Hope Alan can fix the computer!!

Nicole said...

Hi. I just found your blog. It's lovely! I agree that the Bayfield area is beautiful. I was there once a long time ago.

sunshine said...

Sounds like a nice trip!
Hope that Jaydn has recovered! My 2 little ones both got stung this summer too!