Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Alive

It's true, I am alive. I've just been in some kind of weird blogging slump, or maybe it's just that I lead an unexciting life. I'm not sure which it is. ☺

We've been hanging around close to home mostly. We've been picnicking, playing, scrapbooking, uncluttering, painting and all kinds of things. I've done a little project here and there, just so I can feel semi-productive. I try to check a few things off my to-do list from time to time. ☺

I've been trying to get out to the parks with Jadyn at least a couple of times per week. Alan has
gone with us several times, and we get out with friends when we can too.

I'm sure I have tons of pictures I could share. Here are some that I've had on my phone for a while. The ones with Kaitlyn are pre-wedding. Obviously, she doesn't live here anymore. That is going okay by the way. I missed her so much at first. It's getting better day by day. We message, talk, and this week we Skyped. Very nice!
Fun in a shopping bag.

Fun in a shopping cart. Why yes, that's our newly-married daughter in the
cart. What's the problem?

Picnic at the lake.
An evening walk at the lake.
Bubble fun!
Look at my worm!


Kim said...

Glad your doing well. Looks like there's been some great sister bonding going on. Cute photos!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

great, fun, natural, pictures! Love them! Nice to see for a change. so much of the photography I have been seeing lately is just fake.

Glad you are doing well and enjoying summer.


hollym. said...

Hey Laura!
I've been thinking about your family, wondering how things are going. Love the pics, lots of great moments and memories.

Anita said...

Hey my friend....I sooo relate to so many of your thoughts. BUSY yet not is that? :) And my girl is leaving soon for college 14 hrs away and I know I'm gonna be a bit bummed too yet sooo excited for her. And Kaylin has the same little tank top as Jadyn...AAHH!! :) Love the sista pics....tooooo fun! Hang in there! HUGS!!

Jboo said...

Great photos!! Looks like you've been having fun. Think there's always a bit of a letdown after a big event like a wedding. Sounds like you are being productive -- my to do list just keeps getting longer! :) Enjoy the weekend!

Jean said...

Cute, Cute pics!!
I've had a bloggy slump, too or maybe just been busy but it's good to have ya back!!

I love checking things off my list!! The more I check the better I feel! ;-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Nice to see ya again! And I'm getting a new phone. Why do I mention that right now? Well, because you said you got all of those photos off of your phone. And my phone is SO DARN OLD we can't download photos off of it. We bought a new cord; we downloaded software; it still won't work. Apparently a nine-year-old cell phone is a dinosaur. Who knew?