Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Trip To See Kate

The family by the dam at the lake.

Big statue, small girl

Kaitlyn and Bryan outside the wax museum

Jadyn always takes time to smell the flowers, all of them.

Kaitlyn and Jadyn at the mall.
We took an Easter weekend trip to Missouri to visit Kaitlyn. We were gone for 5 days and we had a really good time.

It was so nice to spend time with Kaitlyn. We had the opportunity to meet more of her friends from school and work.

On Saturday we took an unplanned, but fun trip down to Branson. It's a neat place and I can see why it's popular. We took a little stroll at an outdoor mall, ate some lunch and then went to the wax museum. It was fun and we took a few fun photos. Afterward, we took a look at Table Rock Lake, viewing the dam and lake. I'd camped at this lake as a teen with my parents, and I wanted to see it again. This area of Missouri is so nice, but I wonder how many times I mentioned that it probably looks so much nicer with green leaves and etc. :)

On Sunday we attended church with Kaitlyn and several of her friends. We had lunch at a Mexican food restaurant which was a favorite from a previous visit. It was a chilly day, so we didn't do an egg hunt, and where do you hide eggs in a hotel? On Sunday night we ate dinner at Applebee's and met some of Kaitlyn's friends, including Chris.

On Monday afternoon late, we spent time with Kate and Chris. We were glad for the opportunity to do so. We enjoyed playing a game, eating dinner, and visiting. We also found time to stop for ice cream too. It was a delicious but chilly experience. Some of us had jackets and some did not. :) Overall we had a wonderful trip!

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