Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Ladybug Tale

It's been a very snowy last day of March. Wow. Here's hoping that April brings showers and not snow.

Jadyn has been playing with a ladybug again tonight. I know I already blogged about how she enjoys ladybugs once before, but she did something tonight that I found too amusing not to share. She's been playing close by, as I've been at the computer. Suddenly she comes to me and says, "Look mom, the ladybug is riding a horse!" I thought it was so funny. I had the camera handy and I snapped a quick photo.

At the moment, we have a Barbie in a wedding dress, riding on our cat and petting her. My child makes me smile.


Tracy Peed :: Creator/ Designer said...

That's hilarious. Jadyn, you're a hoot. I hope we see some spring soon!

Take Care,


Lauryn said...

I saw the photo and immediately laughed out loud :) Oh, Jadyn...