Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm finally feeling brave enough to start my blog.

I've decided to start a blog because everybody's doing it. Well, that's not really the reason. The true reason is that I like to communicate with family and friends and I love to share photos. I do have quite a few friends (mostly in the adoption community) who have blogs and it looks like fun.

A few months ago, I signed up for a blog but didn't really do anything with it. I was planning to eventually do a blog instead of Jadyn's website. I was planning to discontinue our Babysite in the near future, when our membership came up for renewal. Our membership is now over and the Babysite is gone. I do mean gone! I'd planned to sort of scale the site back a bit from Premium to Free. Does anyone remember when it originally had the little ads running down the side? (pre-China trip) The day after our membership expired, the site was a "great nothingness". :) Well, fine! I'll just be here, giving an occasional update and adding photos.

Family and friends, you are so important to us. I want to stay in contact with you and heaven knows I may not be the most timely person with e-mails. So please check here from time to time for updates. Please feel free to leave a comment or two. I'd love that! Please bookmark or add us to your favorites.

It may take me a bit of time to learn how Blogger works, but I'll just experiment with it in the mean time. Somehow I don't think making it look cute will be quite as easy as our Babysite was.

Hurray, the sun is shining today here in MN! Our days are getting a little warmer and having an uncloudy day is icing on the cake. I can actually see some grass in our yard and my driveway has zero snow on it. I told Lauryn a couple of days ago that I was splashing my car through the puddles with joy. Spring's on it's way, and I am thrilled beyond belief!


Lauryn said...

Yay! Your new blog is so great! I'm adding it to my Google Reader.

Looking forward to seeing more posts and photos!

Alan said...

I am excited about your new blog! You impress me more every day! The site looks great, and your writing is easy to read. Good luck.