Monday, July 19, 2010

In The Good Old Summertime

Ahh, summmertime!  Days of sand, sun, water, heat, sunscreen, and the like.  Summer storms, washing cars, eating watermelon, slapping mosquitoes too.  :)

Oh, and thank goodness for air conditioning.  I am all about having the AC on in summertime.  That's what it's there for! A friend recently said that they just now turned on the AC in their house.  I don't know how folks can deal with the heat that way, especially with the humidity.  We've experienced plenty of humidity this summer!  So now you know about one of my favorite things in summer - the air conditioning!

On the 10th, we had Bryan's graduation open house.  It's a big ole party and you invite just about everyone who ever knew your graduate.  What a crazy tradition these Minnesotans have.  Ha ha.

We had an uncut watermelon left after the party.  I had some in a bowl in the fridge too and first we ate that.  I had the uncut watermelon on the kitchen counter and I was going to cut into it about 3 days after the party.  Alan was up before me that morning and he woke me up to tell me we had a big mess to clean up.  Little did we know, the watermelon was rotten inside and the bottom collapsed and broke open.  Nasty watermelon juice ran across the counter, down into the cupboard and onto some dishes.  Then, it ran onto the floor and ran for several feet.  What a sticky, nasty mess to clean.

I'd never seen a watermelon do that.  The thing was just a shell inside, and completely liquid.  Wow, I'm so glad we didn't need that one for the guests.  Today, the garbage man came to empty our garbage containers we roll out to the street.  Guess what was left in the garbage container.....Yep, all of that sticky, nasty, smelly watermelon juice.  I did bag the thing up before it went into the garbage.  I don't know what happened.  Evil watermelon.  Smelly!  I just finished washing the garbage can out a while ago.  Yuck.  Good times!

On a better note, here are some recent photos.
Here's Bryan, just before his open house started.
Here is Lauryn, just about to eat Bryan's face that was on his cake.  He ate her face, from the cake at her grad party.  Payback time!
Our town's annual festival was this weekend.  Here is Jadyn, with a friend at the parade.  Bryan marched with the band that night.  Lauryn and Aaron walked in the parade with our church, handing out invite cards.  It was a fun parade to watch.
We had a beach day with friends on Friday.  
Jadyn, Cate, and Rose.
Jadyn with Zhou
It was a fun afternoon at the lake.
Here's a picture of Jadyn, playing in her sandbox today.

I'm off now, to cut the watermelon that I bought on Saturday.  I must cut it before it explodes on my counter!


sunshine said...

Great photos!

Your watermelon story has me scared! We eat TONS of watermelon and I've never had that happen. Now that I know that it can happen... Yikes!
It sounds like it would be easier to just move or something than to clean up that gigantic mess! LOL

Cute/funny picture of Sister getting ready to eat Brothers face!

Jadyn, as always, as cute as a button!
Hi Rose! You're cute too! :D


Nancy said...

Love the photo's Laura! You should have taken one of the scary watermelon too! Beach day was so relaxing, thank you for the good company.

Anonymous said...

i love the pics! I'm so glad you've entered back into the blogging world! i've missed all the stories!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I didn't know watermelons did that!

sounds like the fun continues at your house!


Sue said...

We had a watermelon experience like yours except we caught it early enough not to make a mess like yours.
about the AC..we have had it on twice so far and both times less then 48 we are one of those crazy people.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Great... now, in addition to summer bugs and sunburns, I am now also scared of watermelons. *grin*