Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enjoying Our Busy Summer

Greetings, from our house to yours!

Parties, picnics, playgroups, graduation, baseball, swim lessons, cook-outs, parades, and a mini vacation.  These are just a few of the things we've been doing this summer so far.  Apparently, we are trying to pack in as many things as we can.  :)

We have been enjoying our summer very much.  Some things have been all about relaxing and spending time with family or friends.  Other things have been about learning, or doing things to help others.  Some things have kept me a little busier than I'd prefer, but it's all good.  Most of the really busy things are done.  I am happy about that.

It's been so long since I've updated the blog, I've almost forgotten how.  Just kidding of course.  I hope to get back to my usual bloggy self eventually.  I do always check in on many of you.  Even though I may not have been blogging, I'm still here getting my blog fix on most days.

Our camera is usually on hand and we take lots and lots of photos.  I will share some of our summer photos.
Bryan graduated on June 13th.  We are so proud of him and enjoyed his graduation so much.  We so enjoyed having family from TX, NM, and MO come for this event.  What a blessing that they could come.
Bryan marches with the high school band in many parades each summer.  We always love seeing the band performing.  Tonight is the last one this summer, and the last time he'll perform with the high school. :(
Here's Jadyn, finding something to do to pass the time while we wait for Bryan's band to perform.
Jadyn and Jon, who teaches her swimming lessons.  Jadyn has a fear of the water, but he is doing such a great job with her.  He is very gentle and patient.  

We went to the zoo with playgroup friends in late June.  

Pretty flowers near the zoo.

At the beginning of July, we went on a 2 1/2 day trip to Lake Superior's North Shore area.  We had a great little mini vacation.  The beauty of the area never, ever disappoints.

Gooseberry Falls
We saw many beautiful flowers on the North Shore.  We must have arrived at the perfect time.  We didn't remember ever seeing so many flowers there before.  God's creation is awesome.
This has been our summer so far.  More fun things to come before long!  


Kristin said...

What a fun summer!! Hope the rest of it continues to be just as great.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Looks like a super fun summer for you and your family. I have missed you around. Glad all is well.

You are very right, "God's creation is awesome"!


sunshine said...

Summer really is such a busy time. Isn't it? That's probably why it flies by so quickly. :)

Congratulations to Bryan on his graduation! Will he be going to college in the fall or is he going to work for a year first?

Jadyn looks so cute with the leaf on her wee nose! Good for her in trying to learn how to swim. Not an easy thing when your scared, I know.

Looks like you had a lovely vacation! Can't wait to see more. :)

P.S. Is that Rose in the playgroup photo??

Laura L. said...

Laura- Yes, Bryan is going to college in the fall. He's planning go to a local college and live here at home for the 1st year. I think it's a good plan for him.

Yes! That is Rose in the playgroup photo. :) They live not far from us and we are very blessed to know them as special friends.