Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Back! :)

Yes, at long last, I've decided to rejoin the blogging world.  It's true, I AM still around.

I've even been seen around town here and there.  :)   It's been wonderful to be out and about and enjoying things.  I've been getting out quite a bit for about two weeks now.  It feels so good.  I just have to be careful not to overdo things.  I've been guilty of that a time or two, or three.  It happens easily.

Life must go on and responsibilities happen.  And hey, I can't be the center of attention forever.  Heh.

I am very thankful to be at this point in my recovery.  Very thankful.  It's been a journey.  Some parts were harder than I expected, and some easier.  There are still a few little issues that will go away with time.  It's a 6-week recovery and I'm just beginning week 5.  I have to remind myself of that and try not to be in a hurry for my body to be back to normal.

Our family is doing well, enjoying spring and all of the activity it brings.  We've been doing some celebrating lately of happy and fun things.

Our daughter, Kaitlyn, graduated from college on May 7th.  We traveled to Missouri for her graduation festivities.  We are so proud of you Kaitlyn!
We had a wonderful time celebrating, and visiting with Kaitlyn and Chris.  We had not seen them since Christmas.  Since Christmas!

We had a nice Mother's Day.  My family loves me and that is such a gift in itself.
Our lovely daughter, Lauryn, celebrated a birthday last week, and Bryan also went to prom.  Good times, and as always, family is at the very center of our lives.  Enjoy photos......
Kaitlyn has graduated!  Congratulations!
Kaitlyn and Chris
Kaitlyn and Jadyn
Bryan, and his date Hailey.  Prom-May 15th.


sunshine said...

Beautiful photos! Your kids are all so good looking. :) I LOVE Bryan's dates dress! That is gorgeous.

I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better. It's hard being a Mom and not able to do it all. I understand completely how difficult it must be for you not to over do it.
Hopefully you'll be back to 100% within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for updating us and letting us know you're still alive. :P


Jboo said...

So happy to see you back and that your recovery is going well. Do take it easy and be the center of attention as long as possible! :) Gorgeous photos -- congrats to all in your sweet family!


Nancy said...

WOW!!! Those dresses make it look like a very Southern Prom.

Jean said...

Welcome back!! I loved your comment on my blog!! I'm so glad you still like me!! I like you, too!!

Congrats to your graduate Kaitlyn! Love the prom couple!! AN orange dress and tie- wow, that looks great! Cute couple!

Happy b-day Lauren!!

Blessing to you! I am going to playgroup this week at Sue's- are you?

a Tonggu Momma said...

Welcome back! I am so glad you are recovering. I have a friend who had surgery two months ago... it's hard being a mom and not being able to do everything we are used to doing.

Congrats about the many Big Moments y'all have experienced these past two months. And a yeah! to have you around the blogosphere again.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Looks like life is good.Glad you are back. I have been thinking of you!


Sue said...

Nice to see you blogging again, I have missed seeing you on line. Congrats to Kaitlyn, happy birthday to Lauren and Brian and his date looked so cute together. Hailey wears the orange so well