Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life Goes On

Life is getting back to normal. We're resuming our usual activities. Alan, Jadyn and I even took time to picnic by the lake one evening this week. It was just McDonald's. We didn't have to work too hard for that. Jadyn enjoyed digging in the sand. We enjoyed just watching her and talking.
We actually wanted to picnic more this week, but our weather in Minnesota has been too cool and cloudy for picnicking. We even had to cancel a playgroup picnic yesterday and head indoors. I'm ready for hot weather. We need all we can get here in the north.

My body is recovering. ☺ I've needed more naps than usual this week. I finally felt ready for cleaning today. I couldn't wait to vacuum some of the main traffic areas in the house. After about 30 minutes worth, I was worn out. I guess the body's not back to normal yet. ☺ How pathetic.

I still have a few wedding things to put away. I keep finding it here, there and everywhere. What to do with it all?

We're expecting the honeymooners to fly in tonight. I am looking forward to hearing about their trip and hopefully seeing photos too. We will enjoy visiting with them for a day or two, and then he will whisk her away to Missouri.

We received a very full CD of photos from the photographers. Many beautiful photos, which is wonderful. Please indulge me while I share 3 more.

Our 3 girls

This one is one of my favorites. So sweet.

Okay, I promise to stop now. ☺


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

What an emotional time for you. I know when my girls got married I was very emotional for weeks. Crying at the drop of a hat. I am not sure what I will be like for Blair's.

Glad it all went well. I was thinking of you. And, you looked fabulous.


Jboo said...

Gone this past week and I was thinking about you and wondering how all the festivities went! Am going to have to be reading backwards! What a beautiful bride!! Lovely photos! Can wait to read all about it and see more.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I've loved seeing ALL of the wedding photos - don't apologize for them! And I hope you return to 100% soon... it's hard sometimes when recovery is slow.

hollym. said...

Oh Laura,
The pictures are Gorgeous!

Your heart sounds fragile as you move forward with your daily things! How is it that such a beautiful time can make us so misty? I'm tearing up for you, too... Take care and get lots of rest. Enjoy your daughter and new son as they return from their honeymoon.:)

sunshine said...

I can only imagine how exhausted you are! Glad that you are beginning to get back to normal. Don't push yourself though. You've been so busy for so long. :)

I love the pictures! Keep em coming! They are a beautiful couple and look very happy. Have fun visiting with them when they get back.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Beautiful as many as you want. We love seeing them! The photo with your 3 girls is wonderful!

Lory said...

The photos depict a beautiful celebration. The bride looks stunning. :):):)

Jean said...

The wedding photos are absolutely beautiful!! The 3 you just put up are- WOW!!

Such a whirl wind of excitement - take a deep breath and give yourself a chance to relax.

Blessings to the new couple!

God's Grace said...

What a beautiful Bride! Oh how it makes my heart break to see them leave the nest...but what joy it is to have more family members! Terry

Kristy said...

ALL of the pictures are gorgeous and you can share as many as you want with me, I never get tired of looking at them!!!! I hope you are 100% soon, just take it easy girly!!

Love , Kristy

Anita said...

Just now getting caught up with all of my bloggy friends! :) I LOVE all the wedding pics...beautiful, beautiful!! And of course Jadyn was adorable and beautiful too!