Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Flu Is Here

Well, I just knew I was probably doing a dangerous thing when I posted about how much hand sanitizer we use.
I seriously thought, "Yeah, I'm probably jinxing this whole thing and now we'll get sick."

When Bryan woke up yesterday morning, he was very sick. No school for him. I suspect it's the
flu. Poor guy, he's been so sick. It's pretty bad when sweatpants, hoodie, and 3 blankets aren't enough to make him feel warm.

Honestly, I don't feel normal in my body right now. I noticed that it hurt to swallow my food at lunch and I'm starting to feel sort of stiff and ever so slightly sore. It seems more of an effort to
climb the stairs. ....or, maybe I'm just getting OLD.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

Someone from Bryan's school office said that they have a LOT of kids out right now with the flu. Two of his girl friends are out too, and they all came down with symptoms at almost exactly the same time. I wonder who the guilty party is? Ha.

Yesterday we shopped at Target for a few minutes. Jadyn asked me to take a picture of her on the big red ball. Cute!
Yesterday, Jadyn decided to make a "club" behind the chair. She asked her dad to come join. Gotta love it.


Jboo said...

Sorry to hear that you seem to have jinxed yourself. H1N1 Flu shots this week at our house, hope it keeps the bug away! Hope you all feel better soon!

That red ball looks like fun and what a sweet tent!


Goosegirl said...

So cute!! Ahnalin loves making forts and tents too. The girls would have so much fun together.

Laura, I have a recipe on my blog for a concoction that helped me get better quicker. It is called "Tara-flu" after my cousin Tara. Try it. It is kind of smelly but pretty yummy. I hope you all feel better.

sunshine said...

Oh no!
I hope that you both feel better soon and that no one else gets it!

Take care!!!


Kristin said...

I hope no one else comes down with the dreaded bug. We, knock on wood, escaped it when Katie was home sick with flu.

Fingers crossed that you are just old and not getting sick.


day by day said...

Oh, no...hope you guys feel better soon!!!

love the girls are always making little houses like that! : )


Kim said...

Oh man, hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Jean said...

Hoping you all are feeling better soon! We have had the flu and from what I know means nothing- it seems to have relapses- so be careful!

Praying that it does not spread thru the house and that Brian feels well soon!

Blessings to all!

Sue said...

I hope Brian feels better soon and the rest of you don't get it. Hang in there....Hopefully see you next week. (assuming you won't be at maria's)

Nancy said...

Bummer Laura, I hope Brian is feeling better soon and the rest of you stay healthy. Take care!